Submission Guidelines

Uproot is an online only literary journal whose main interest lies in place. More specifically, in moving from place to place. We’re interested in geological and emotional estrangement, displacement, alienation, longing, and all of the other contradictory feelings associated with moving to a new/old location. We want to read and share literature that challenges notions of genre, work that pulls you up by the roots and plants you somewhere else, somewhere unexpected.
We are especially interested in work from a multiplicity of perspectives.

General Submission guidelines:

● We are especially interested in hybrid works, including flash fiction, prose poetry, and the lyric essay. Our only limitation is that submissions fall under 5,000 words and contain no more than 6 individual works.
● Please submit work as either .doc/.docx file or PDF file as attachments.
● We do not accept work that has been copied and pasted into the body of an email.
● Please submit a brief 60 word bio written in the 3rd person.
● Please send only original, unpublished work. We do not count work on your personal blog as published.
● We do accept simultaneous submissions.
● If your work is accepted elsewhere please let us know so we can retract your submission.
● We do not accept multiple submissions. We will only accept one submission per person per submission window.
● Our current submission window for our next issue is January 30, 2018-April 1, 2018.
* Please send submissions to
Thanks for reading!



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