Spring 2018-Current

Managing Editor:
Doug French
Director of Web Design and Visual Arts:
Chris Heisserer
Director of Marketing and Special Projects:
Sidney Deleonardo and Michael Baker
Fiction Editor:
Sidney Deleonardo
Poetry/Hybrid Editors:
Doug French and Chris Heisserer
Creative Nonfiction Editor:
Michael Baker

Spring 2016
Managing Editor/Poetry Editor:
Courtney Cox
Director of Marketing & Special Projects/Fiction Editor:
David Garvey 
Director of Web Design & Visual Arts/Nonfiction and Lyric/Memoir Essay Editor:
Joe LaFata

Spring 2014
Managing Editor:
Erich O’Connor
Assistant Managing Editor:
Aaron Kaufman
Assistant Managing Editor:
Maureen Bocka

Fall 2013
Managing Editor/Fiction/Nonfiction Editor:
AJ Chaon
Assistant Managing Editor/Fiction/NonFiction Editor:
Erich O’Connor
Poetry Editor/Media Coordinator:
Grace Latimore
Poetry Editor/Graphic Designer:
Sam Robkoff


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