Issue 4

Spring 2017

Holding Back the Tide by Pawel Grajnert

For Issue 4, we invite you to explore our theme of place and movement through hybrid writing. These pieces were selected with the intention of showing how we hybridize our identities, our language, and our literary forms. Through our migrations, we are able to carve our spaces of creative expression, as well as complicate our understandings of form and genre. Hybrid writing has the power to subvert, to transcend, and to imagine. We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


“Conjugation” | Harrison Candelaria Fletcher

“It is you, she reminds you, who moved her here, so that she might know her roots. But the roots that she knows are tangled like yours, buried beneath decades of doubt.”

“How to Cook a Planet” | Nicole Walker

“This creation requires silence. It is pure and good and therefore wordless.”

Ten Pieces | Sean Prentiss

“What might we lose if the two of us forgot all names, definitions, taxonomies, all the lessons of Linnaeus, and instead just walked upon water?”

“Holding Back the Tide” | Pawel Grajnert

Five Photographs | Lindsey Altongy

“Childhood” | Katrina Majkut

“Doorways to Doorways” | Terri St. Arnauld & Frank Yezer