Childhood | Katrina Majkut


Artist Statement

For several years, I spent a majority of my time in South Boston. Despite, having lived in and around Beantown my entire life – sharing the same area code, religion, and accent as the residents of Southie, I was always an outsider. I could never be part of the tight-knit and robust Irish-Catholic community. As a result of my exclusion, I became fascinated by what made the pride and loyalty to a neighborhood of tightly squeezed triple-decker apartments so strong. I learned that it stemmed from immigrants taking an industrialized and cramped cityspace and converting it into a family neighborhood. They took ownership of the space that they were given and turned it into “Southie pride.” Their streets may be crowded, their yards small and barricaded in, but it was their pursuit to create happiness in what they had that incited a strong-willed community that was as loyal to this urban landscape as they were to their own heritage and family.

Katrina Majkut (My’kut), a visual artist and writer, is dedicated to exploring and understanding feminine narratives and civil rights in aesthetics and social practices within mediums such as embroidery, painting, and writing. Majkut also specializes in Western marriage and wedding traditions as examined through her writing with humor and honesty at her website, She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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