Mission Statement:

Uproot is an online only literary journal whose main interest lies in place. More specifically, in moving from place to place. We’re interested in geological and emotional estrangement, displacement, alienation, longing, and all of the other contradictory feelings associated with moving to a new/old location. We want to read and share literature that challenges notions of genre, work that pulls you up by the roots and plants you somewhere else, somewhere unexpected. We are especially interested in work from a multiplicity of perspectives.

Uproot is a literary journal affiliated with University of Illinois at Springfield. Run by graduate students in the Digital Publishing program, the journal is committed to showcasing the works of writers interested in sharing their experiences of place and movement.UIS Logo Dome

Approximately 200 miles southwest of Chicago and 100 miles northeast of St. Louis, UIS is proud to be one of three campuses of the world-class University of Illinois. The campus is located near Lake Springfield and has a vibrant English community. Their undergraduate literary publication is The Alchemist Review.