Uproot is a literary journal affiliated with University of Illinois at Springfield. Run by graduate students in the Digital Publishing program, the journal is committed to showcasing the works of writers interested in sharing their experiences of place and movement.UIS Logo Dome

Approximately 200 miles southwest of Chicago and 100 miles northeast of St. Louis, UIS is proud to be one of three campuses of the world-class University of Illinois. The campus is located near Lake Springfield and has a vibrant English community. Their undergraduate literary publication is The Alchemist Review.

Managing Editor & Poetry Editor: Courtney Cox 

Courtney Cox is a second-year graduate student studying English with a concentration in Digital Publishing at the University of Illinois Springfield.  Courtney writes mostly fiction, but has recently been experimenting with hybrid pieces.  Her fiction and poetry have been published in Arrow Rock and she also serves as Managing Editor for Alchemist Review.  Courtney serves as an editor because she wants to encourage others to write fearlessly and find outlets to share their ideas.  Courtney is a black belt in karate, and once taught a class with 100 young students.  Needless to say, only one child cried.

Director of Marketing/Special Projects & Fiction Editor: David Garvey 

David Garvey is studying for his MA in Digital Publishing at the University of Illinois in Springfield. He enjoys researching health and behavioral psychology and writes fiction and flash fiction. David loves writing because he believes it allows people to authentically express themselves through a community that is evolving. Having worked on literary journals before, David is ecstatic to work on the upcoming publication of Uproot. The only time he wore a cast was when he jumped on a slightly deflated yoga ball causing him to fracture his wrist.

Director of Web Design/Visual Arts & Nonfiction/Lyric/Memoir Essay Editor: Joe LaFata

Joe LaFata is a graduate student at UIS who loves to read and write fiction and creative nonfiction. He shares his love of creative writing with a passion for art and graphic design. Both these interests have driven him to the world of publishing, where he loves reading the work of others and contributing to the world of literary journals. His work has appeared in Bindweed Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Mannequin Haus. 


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